Coaching in a Nutshell

Your growth and development start with you!

Jackie Demetriou | 17 July 2023

Professional and personal coaching is an incredibly powerful tool which helps individuals in both their personal and professional lives. Simply put, coaching is a non-directive and collaborative process for helping individuals and teams to identify and articulate their goals and thereafter supporting them to develop a plan of action to achieve these goals. In other words, it is outcomes focused and action oriented.

A coach serves as a supportive and encouraging thinking partner, helping individuals and teams to unlock their potential, maximize their performance and achieve their desired results. It is not about giving advice or telling them what to do but rather about helping them find their own solutions and strategies to achieve their goals.

Coaching is highly effective for personal and professional growth and team development. A coach builds a supportive and trusting relationship with individuals and teams creating a psychologically safe space for them to share their challenges.

Coaching has been found to increase awareness and expand creativity in finding solutions and reaching goals. In the process, individuals and teams become more accountable and proactive. It provides a structured approach to problem solving, which can be applied across one’s life spectrum. It helps individuals and teams to uncover that which might be holding them back from achieving their goals and put in place strategies to overcome obstacles.

Coaching is beneficial to individuals and teams who have both already achieved a great deal of success and those who might be struggling with challenges. It helps them to identify and articulate their goals and explore ways to stretch themselves beyond what they might ever have believed was possible.

In conclusion, coaching is an incredibly inspirational and powerful tool to help individuals and teams successfully achieve their goals. It is a collaborative process whereby the coach and client creatively co-create a plan to overcome perceived obstacles and achieve success. It provides the encouragement, guidance, challenge and support that you need to reach your full potential and achieve your desired outcomes. And, the return on investing in coaching is exponential.